Summer Sailing 2018

Summer Sailing will be here before we know it! Youth summer classes in 2019 will include all ages and ability, using a variety of boats, including our intensive sabot racing program. A limited number of guests is allowed. Guests must have sponsorship from current LIYC member. Guest applications will be available in
the new year.


Highlights of the 2018 LIYC Summer Sailing Program

Congratulations to the 12 LIYC sailors who wrapped summer sailing by competing at Sabot Nationals at Long Beach Yacht Club.

The end of summer Balboa Bay Fleet Championship was won by LIYC’s very own Reade Decker.

Balboa Bay Fleet Championships – Flight Selection
In the 67-boat qualifier for Bay Champs, here’s how LIYC sailors finished in the
top half:
1st – Ethan Simpson
3rd – Ashtyn Tierney
10th – Reade Decker
11th – Ryan Yates
13th – Chase Decker
25th – Ashley Highland
27th – Tristen Rohrabacher
29th – Victoria Lucia

LIYC hosted the 40-boat Balboa Bay Fleet C Championships during the last
week of the summer session.
Rounding out the top 25 boats in C Champs were these LIYC sailors:

5th – Carl Krinski (move-up!)
10th – Max Roberts
11th – Penelope Barto
12th – Jack Andersen
14th – Bailey Arrowsmith
16th – Hudson Oyler
20th – Frederik Mohn
21st – Kade Larson
23rd – Tresten Tierney
24th – Vance Khamsi

LIYC hosted the Novice Regatta, with a total of 26 new racers competing in their
first regatta. Team LIYC took six of the top-10 finishes, including 1st-4th.
1st – Ceesha Hamilton
2nd – Jack Kelly
3rd – Henry Tatum
4th – Campbell Morgan
6th – Jack Tatum

Congratulations are in order to Team LIYC for its exceptional achievement
on the water:
Second Place – Dick Sweet Team Race Series

The LIYC CFJ Team finished 4th, 5th & 8th at the 24-boat Junior Olympics at
Mission Bay Yacht Club.

Congratulations to the LIYC CFJ Team competing and taking 7th, 13th &
14th in a 39-boat CFJ Nationals fleet.